Monthly lunch by Sanbiki restaurant

Monthly lunch by Sanbiki restaurant

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Daizen crew eat lunch every first Wed of the month provided by Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen in Kamloops. Menu on this lunch are really special, very much like food in Japan, some may not be even introduced in regular restaurant in Canada. This is great catering service for anyone in Kamloops especially business group, we strongly recommend to try this out! Really special.

Remember, it is first Wed of the month, if you are heading our way, just give us a call by Tuesday, we will include yours into our heads count!




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Timber Cladding like a pro!

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Timber Cladding (Structural)

Sometimes there is no room for braces in your timber frame, especially when you want a clear opening without interruptions. One solution can be an engineered, heavy-duty steel frame, which is clad with grain matched timber. Professionally executed by our skilled craftsmen, you won’t be able to see the difference compared to solid wood. At Daizen, we pay particular attention to the fibre orientation to ensure a consistent appearance in wood characteristics and texture. Learn more about how Daizen incorporates innovation into its work.

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Turning a simple truss design into a piece of art

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Here at Daizen Joinery we are turning even a simple truss design into a piece of art. With grain matching curved arches and an “antic” looking surface texture it truly looks like one bend beam.

truss1 truss2 truss3

Creating a perfect unique custom finish is only one of the specialties we perform here at Daizen Joinery every day to make every project special for our customers.

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Wood Moisture Considerations in Timber Framing

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Did you know… when logs are harvested they still contain water from the tree’s roots. When the moisture content drops below 30%, wood products begin to shrink and change shape. This transformation continues until wood moisture is stabilized through environmental influences such as temperature and humidity.

Because of its climate, British Columbia, Canada, has some of the best quality softwood in the world. BC’s cold climate makes trees grow tight and straight.

If wood-working processes are applied to timber products before the wood has stabilized, the shape of the joinery will change as the wood shrinks and adjusts to the environment.

What moisture content do we aim for? That depends on the destination of the product. Dry climates require drier wood. In wet climates, if very dry wood is used, the dimensions and shape expand after the wood reaches its destination. In the British Columbia Interior, where we are located, optimum timber moisture content averages around 10%.

Additional costs may sometimes be associated with this wood drying process, and we have seen examples where this has influenced peoples’ decisions to use green materials. However, based on our expertise, the results of using green wood are never optimal. In our experience, ensuring the appropriate dryness of timbers based on the climate they are being used in is the only way to build your project.

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A tornado trellis

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From Daizen News, July 2013

The hot season has arrived: finally, we need shade from the sun. A square trellis may not work in a round space, so we came up with a new design.

The horizontal plate sits on the receiving member and comes back to the original plate: a self-supporting structure.

In the final product, we end up making a simple square base frame rather than a star structure. The horizontal tornado plate on top stays as solid as we expected. The wood in this frame is Western Red Cedar, finished with natural oil.

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New finish line: driftwood

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From Daizen News, July 2013

Daizen has explored new timber finishes for those who like the look of weathered timber. The base color is grey, textured with our comb finish. We came up with a special application method that shows some of the base wood color behind the grey to achieve this weathered look.

The corner edge of a beam in Driftwood finish.

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