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It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it what makes the difference!

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Kiln-drying boxed heart timber in large sizes to 15% moisture content in the core? It’s possible when you use the right technique.

Large timber sizes usually only come in boxed heart. Here at Daizen we use a “stress-relief-cut” on a non-exposed side of the timber to release the tension, that can get created during the drying process, trough this cut. This clean cut that goes all the way to the heart of the beam will eventually open up during drying and prevents the exposed beam sides from large checking.

An important benefit of the technique is that the change in the timber dimension happens already during the drying process. After the finish planing the timber size stays unchanged.

The picture below shows a 16” x 16” boxed heart post. The originally 1/4 inch cut opened up to nearly 1”, released all the tension here. The other sides ended up with no or only minor checking. The cut is getting covered by a joining stick-frame wall member.

The second picture shows a 9” x 20” beam with an 10” relief cut into the heart before it goes into the kiln. The cut will be later on top of the plate, non visible.

boxed heart 16'' x 16'' with relief cut after drying

boxed heart 16” x 16” with relief cut after drying

boxed heart 9'' x 20'' with relief cut before drying

boxed heart 9” x 20” with relief cut before drying

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Cedar finish par excellence

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Take a look at some excellent cedar products we are creating with finest craftsmanship at Daizen Joinery.

Core dried Western Red Cedar rafter tails, combined with a superb oil finish creates this shiny, long lasting look in furniture quality. So prod of my guys in the shop!

20160520_192510657_iOS20160521_001335000_iOSWRC rafter tails

and before finish:

WRC before finishWRC before finish

How do we archive this quality? Well, it all starts with a clean shop and careful material handling……

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Timber Cladding like a pro!

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Timber Cladding (Structural)

Sometimes there is no room for braces in your timber frame, especially when you want a clear opening without interruptions. One solution can be an engineered, heavy-duty steel frame, which is clad with grain matched timber. Professionally executed by our skilled craftsmen, you won’t be able to see the difference compared to solid wood. At Daizen, we pay particular attention to the fibre orientation to ensure a consistent appearance in wood characteristics and texture. Learn more about how Daizen incorporates innovation into its work.

20150813_132854424_iOS 20150813_152627098_iOS 20150813_152640768_iOS 20150813_215805909_iOS 20150813_215813648_iOS

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Turning a simple truss design into a piece of art

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Here at Daizen Joinery we are turning even a simple truss design into a piece of art. With grain matching curved arches and an “antic” looking surface texture it truly looks like one bend beam.

truss1 truss2 truss3

Creating a perfect unique custom finish is only one of the specialties we perform here at Daizen Joinery every day to make every project special for our customers.

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