We value the relationships we have with our clients and appreciate the testimonials they provide about our timber frame homes…

“We just wanted to pass along our sincere thanks for all of your efforts for creating our timber elements for our home. Our contractor Frank and framer Garth were both very impressed with the workmanship and ease of installation of the three outdoor elements of our project. I think it was Eijiro who was on site for the assembly and raising and both Frank and Garth were very impressed with his work and efficiency in such a cold environment on Tuesday and Wednesday. Many thanks to him for his efforts! Looking forward to seeing our interior beams & pieces being delivered and installed!”

Mike & Loni Rolston

“With utmost sincerity, Mary and I thank you for the tremendous craftsmanship you have personally directed for our new carriage house on the lake. I reflect back several years ago when I met you and you spend the time to discuss the rigors of this framing method….and I’ve learned a lot from the master. Although it will be some time to complete, please accept this as an open invitation for you and your family to come visit us at the lake. Certainly a part of you and your crews are in the fibres of the structure. We remain very thankful.”

Peter Timler, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Corporate Business Development Officer & Vice President Engineering, Supreme Group

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the beautiful job you did on my timber posts this past week through Doug Wittal Builders. I feel so lucky to have your work adorning my entrance way for years to come.”

Sincerely, Daniela O’Fee, Kamloops

“I have known Dai for several years, through his involvement in both our International Association as well as our Provincial Association. His tireless participation and commitment to sharing his craft has benefited all of the members of both associations.

Early this year the Bessanger family came to us and asked that we build their new summer home on the Shuswap Lake. Their hopes were to have their new home closed in before winter. All of my crews were already booked for the next several months with our long term clients in Japan. This, I felt was the perfect opportunity to work more closely with Dai and his crew.

The home was a beautiful contemporary Timber Frame design by Karl and Kyle Willms of Willms Design Services Ltd. and our carpentry crew and project manager was James Boak of Green Home Design and Construction Ltd. When I approached Dai and asked him to join us he was more that eager to join our team.

Dai’s command of the latest technology and computer skills were a welcome asset to our team keeping us all abreast of the many changes and considerations throughout the project. Dai’s key workers Kiyo and Eijiro were also wonderful to work with. Their skill and polite, conscientious nature was always present making them key players in the success of the Bessanger’s new home.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend Dai and his crew to work independently or in collaboration on any project large or small. The Bessanger project was a wonderful experience and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dai again in a heartbeat!”

Sincerely, Surelog Homes Ltd., Terry Hall, President

“Dai takes pride in his work and brings the detail of a craftsman to the project. Dai has the ability to listen to your needs and desires and at the same time make suggestions that result in a project exceeding your initial expectations. Dai has an understanding and love of natural wood and has the skill to create designs and joinery that bring the structure to life.”

Raymond Rae, Home owner

“Dai is extremely knowledgable and experienced. He is very thorough and dedicated to superior results. He has a pleasing disposition and is very easy to work with.”

Murray Arnott, President, Murray Arnott Design

“Dai brings a passion and expertise to the craftsmanship of shaping and forming timber structures that exceeds just technical proficiency, and brings creative enthusiasm to any project team.”

Kevin Ryan, Principal, Coast Architectural Group Inc.

“Now that we are finally in our new home with the pictures all hung and our feet up relaxing (ha-ha), we would like to take the time to thank you and your staff.

When we look back at all the decisions we made, contractors we hired, and money we spent as our home grew from an idea to completion over the last 2 years, we realize that using Daizen Joinery for the Timber frame package was the best decision we made.

Within a week of receiving our plans you started sending us e-mails of design concepts that were already far beyond our best ideas. Your 3D computer design drafts allowed us some of the easiest decisions we made prior to building. When assembly time came you were on time and on budget with every timber fitting as it were meant to.

Now, whether we are waking up in the morning, eating in the dining room, relaxing in the great room, or swimming in the pool, when we look up, every gleaming timber and every joint is perfect. Thank you Dai!”

Gordon and Shirley Cawley

“We met Dai and his family first as our customers at Sanbiki. As we got to know him, ideas were exchanged, dreams discussed and he became a good friend. Our decision to move to Sanbiki s new location was a big one. A difficult economic climate meant constantly revising the budget and cutting all non-essentials. Dai helped us to understand the many issues surrounding the new restaurant s design. How to increase our efficiency? How could we serve guests better and faster? How to do this and yet create a warm, inviting atmosphere for our many regular customers? Dai pushed us to consider various kitchen layouts and dining room set-ups. He helped us reformulate our menu and rethink our business strategy. We could not be more pleased with the result.

The new and improved Sanbiki beautifully integrates Japanese design with local timber and other materials. Our guests are delighted with the new restaurant and our staff is far happier working in a well-designed, efficient kitchen. Sanbiki is still a work in progress and we are constantly looking to improve. Dai continues to help us add new elements to the space and to explore new opportunities for the business. We look forward to working with Dai on future projects, whatever and wherever they may be.”

Masato and Heather

“Hi Dai, Regarding the Delaney project: I wish it were mine. My sentiments are driven by the amount of care and attention to detail you made sure of. Whilst it sure is a shame that it is stained so dark, and does not immediately reveal the truth of the refined joinery, combined with the beauty of all that Douglas Fir, it was, upon inspection, difficult to find fault, no matter how hard I looked. This successful project is now the new standard for which all followers should strive to achieve. It will be difficult to do that as they just do not have the years of experience you do Dai. Somewhere in life this realization of the commitment one has made to a specialized ability becomes evident, sometimes subtly to oneself, more obvious to others, such as colleagues in the trade. This colleague appreciates your thoroughness, the importance you weigh upon cooperation, and the necessity to communicate through this good work the value of a well built structure. Please forgive me, I did try to find fault in the production of this grand frame, but could not. A harsh critic, I am, of others as myself.”

Best, Jay

“To whom it may concern: in the fall of 2006, we decided to build an outdoor covered space on our farm. We contacted the designer who had done our home and he prepared a rough sketch of what we suggested we should build. As it was a timber frame kind of building he strongly suggested we contact Dai and he forwarded the rough sketch to him.

We contacted Dai and we made arrangements to visit his factory, When we arrived he had already done most of the engineering plans, worked out different pricing, gave us examples of the different wood we could use and gave us all the information we required. This type of construction is not inexpensive but we felt clear the quality we were getting would be worth it.

My wife and I immediately had confidence in Dai. That confidence was 100% justified – The project was ready before we were, delivery was as promised, the wood met all expectations. Our project was complicated and we didn’t have excellent plans. When it came time to build these structures, every piece fit perfectly. When we had one example when we thought it didn’t, within 3 hours of phoning to Dai, he was there to help. After telling us what to correct, it fit perfectly.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dai and his company to anyone”

Please contact me, Ron Fawcett at 250-578-8428 or [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you.

“We discovered Daizen Joinery several years ago and have enjoyed an expanding relationship since then. Dai offers a rare combination of technical ability plus an aptitude for design and detail. Dai exhibits expert knowledge of his craft and I’m particularly impressed with his suggestions for finishing touches on our Sun Peaks Resort projects. He is currently working on our very high end Woodland Hills Estates in Kelowna and we expect to collaborate on some of our Kicking Horse chalets in Golden, B.C.

Daizen has inspired us to include more true timber framing in our projects and his japanese history has contributed an asian flavour in several of our designs. We anticipate a growing involvement with Daizen in future projects including our own personal construction – a lighthouse cabin in the Southern Gulf Islands.”

Karl Willms, Willms Design Studios

“Trust is the most important part of any contract – You can trust Dai without reservation”

Allan Mackie

“Daizen! Just wanted to say thank-you to you and your crew for making our new home so breathtaking. Also we loved the x-card! You have a lovely family!”

Allan & Shannon Hays

“Dai is inventive, honest, and talented. It is a pleasure to be his client, a joy to be his colleague, and a privilege to be his friend.”

John and Ingrid Boys, Nicola LogWorks, Merritt BC