Join the Daizen Team!

Daizen commits to keep exploring and developing to supply pre-fabricated heavy timber products with unique solutions world wide market.

Here at Daizen we are always eager to a new approach and new technology but also continuously maintain the skills of hand crafting skills for wood working. Fundamental knowledge in our operation is understanding wood behavior to stabilize heavy timber, continuous experiment in heavy wood drying is in place.

At Daizen, we have designed our own unique approach based on tests and studying. The fabrication method is not limited to only approved solutions, we create our own. Unique custom finishing is only available having your own kiln and complete solution on all processes in house.

For those who join the team with passion, Daizen is focused to train this fundamental knowledge and skills to grow together.

Current Positions

  • HSB CAD Operator / Project Manager
  • Experienced Timber Framer

Please email Dai Ona with your resume and cover letter.