Every Daizen project begins with conversations to gain a clear understanding of client expectations and needs. Once those expectations are understood, a plan is developed for each phase of the project, from structural design to finishes, assembly and installation. At every step, we have a team of experts who work with you and your team of professionals (architects, designers, contractors), to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship of your timber frame project.

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Materials and Finishes

We use quality materials and position timbers to promote the life of the wood. We work with our clients to find their preferred timber materials and finishes depending on the project and their desired vision. We advise clients, based on the timber used, about which finishes will look and perform best over time, and provide advice and samples on our custom stains. Learn more our wood texture finishes and staining processes by clicking on the PDF resources below.

Daizen Wood Texture Finishes

Daizen Timber Frame Stains

Rough Sawn Finish

Rough Sawn Finish

Sawmill surface, for a true rustic feel.

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Timber Fabrication

Timber fabrication starts at the frame design stage. Our shop tools ensure computerized design specifications are executed flawlessly so accuracy will be reflected onsite during the installation process. Once designs are drafted, coordinates are entered into Daizen’s CNC machine, which integrates with our four-sided planer and milling machine to perform precise and efficient cuts for each piece of timber.

When milling is complete, our experienced hand crafters inspect the materials and cuts against design drawings to confirm details have been implemented, properly. As a final step, hand crafters apply custom touch ups on material such as mortises and dovetails.

A texturized finish is then applied, based on the client’s choice for material finish, which enhances the wood grain. For example, contemporary finishes require a smooth texture application, while rustic finishes are enhanced with a rougher texture. A Daizen custom stain is also applied at this stage.

Quality control procedures are completed at the end of the process including careful inspection of all pieces, before the product is wrapped and ready to be shipped.

Daizen Joinery timber fabrication
Daizen Joinery hand craftsmanship
Fabrication, Daizen Joinery, Timber Frame Professionals

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Wood finishing processes are completed in the shop using techniques to create a variety of results – from contemporary smooth finishes to more rustic, “recycled” looks. We start by applying a base coat of lignin protection, which is the most reliable wood protection we have found in the industry, today. We then achieve the desired finish through a combination of machine and hand-crafted methods, along with the application of custom stain.

Daizen Joinery, professional finishing
Daizen Joinery, custom finishing

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Daizen’s fabrication processes are the result of 25 years of experience working in the timber frame and joinery industries. Templates and jigs, custom-made tools and state of the art equipment such as our CNC machine and station tools all contribute to our company’s innovative techniques and improved overall quality.

Specifically, we have developed and integrated innovative solutions into our shop to provide:

  • Structural curves in timber through a modified wood press.
  • Specialty custom made tools such as flexible square, plug cutter and drilling jigs.
  • Custom timber finishes through texturizing techniques and staining
  • Advanced timber frame fasteners and accessories
Daizen Joinery, innovation at work
Daizen Joinery, innovative staining
Daizen Joinery, innovators

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Custom Work

At Daizen, our team is constantly evolving and improving our work practices. We embrace the opportunity for customization in manufacturing and finishing and consider it part of our creative workplace culture.

Daizen Joinery custom work
Daizen Joinery custom design
Daizen Joinery, custom beams

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Timber and Steel Integration

Daizen is experienced in integrating timber and steel materials into frame designs and other wood features throughout our home and commercial projects, creating end products that are one-of-a-kind.

Daizen Joinery timber and steel integration
Daizen Joinery steel on timber accent
Daizen Joinery steel integration

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Frame Raising

Daizen has a full-time raising crew that understands the comprehensive timber fabrication processes that go into developing each project. Their knowledge and experience ensure timber frames are installed efficiently while maintaining the original design intent.

Daizen Joinery frame raising
Daizen Joinery's timber raising crew
Daizen Joinery on-site timber raising crew

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Production Timelines

Precision timber frame building requires appropriate planning and execution time, which usually takes from 14 to 18 weeks prior to delivery of the frame to a building site.

The following provides estimated turn-around on required stages of work:

  • Final engineering:   2 – 4 weeks
  • Material milling from log to timber:  4 weeks
  • Kiln drying to stabilize timber:  4 weeks
  • Timber frame fabrication:  2 – 4 weeks
  • Finishing:  2 weeks

production timeline

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Daizen develops estimates based on the unique requirements of each project taking into account the type and size of materials chosen, proportions, custom finishes and accessories. With this variability, we quote based on the volume of wood in board/feet units. We provide every client the opportunity to review the budget prior to beginning work so expectations and costs are well understood.