Tree house project

We spend four days weekend on Valdes island and we had to have something to do, so we decided to build tree house.

We could plan noting until we gets to island and find the potential tree to build tree house. After we got on island, we started thinking about building it on three trees that will make stable platform also was a bid easy to access. But, we found arbutus tree that near the ocean and kind of high place to locate tree house, so we decide to challenge on this one.

I made very quick structure idea in my head and we discussed about it. Every one left decision to me, and Kyle showed me his collection of drift wood so we said, lets put one and think next step after one is up.

First one is to bolt beam horizontally to falk, this was nothing but heard to lift. No scaffold to stand on, one hand to hold the piece. Drift wood is well preservative so good materials to use but very heavy. My hand start to shake while holding in place so we had to use brain not just muscle.  Using rope to lift, rope to tight in location secury but I think we were working on edge all the time. Just tried not to make stupid decision and move.

Second day, we put three pieces in place. Only three pieces but satisfaction after the task was pretty significant. V-shape tip beam that neck sit on fist beam, connection was pre-cut on ground but putting that in location without support was not easy.  We managed this by locating beam on ballance point, hold one end with rope from under, start to push piece our bid and bid.

Tree were amazingly stable but still moves, and this little movement makes a fear for me to tip toward out side to reach the connection. I don’t know how we did it, but V-shaped beam with knee support got up. Once all connection secured, I was not confident to stand on tip yet. It was even scared to see Kyle jumping to test the structure. I thought about connection over and over, what can fail this structure? All my answer was positive, it will support but still no guts to tried out.

Then we put some platform board on top, and start to reach to tip as I needed, more I do, start to losen my fear and trust the structure.

Then we went to hunt for more material that give us t

he imagination where we can go next. We found one curved piece and I had idea where to put it right away. I had to put this in place even we were not ready to proceed so I can start to think about next process. That is all we could do in three days, looking forward to go back to play with this again.

Having no plan, cutting without lay out or scale of tape is just like we made little fort when we were kid, we forgot about our task, duty or any thing that pressing our life during this activity and we went back to childhood.

On a way back, ocean were so calm almost reward from our challenge work, dolphin alsojoint nature congratulate our venture!.

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