Timber accents: brackets

From Daizen News 1 March 2011

The new Daizen timber accents system is proving out very well. Our Timber Accents Design Guide has been much-requested and well-received.  Accents available include beam ends, brackets, and trusses. Here is a look at the brackets section of the guide.

For an idea of how to use it, here are a few excerpts from the Brackets section. The page above shows the four basic bracket designs available; once you choose the bracket, you then choose from a wide variety of sizes, and from five different beam ends.

To order a bracket, you simply specify (1) the bracket design, (2) the size you want (for your convenience, recommended sizes are included), and (3) the beam end type.  We do the rest.

What a great way to incorporate timber into your project with the least amount of extra work. For a PDF of the Daizen Timber Accents Guide, email [email protected].

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