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Sharing knowledge at BC Wood

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from Daizen News,  1 Nov 2011

The BC Wood Global Buyers Mission, September 8–10 in Whistler, B.C., was a productive conference. It’s an invitation-only networking and tradeshow event for international wood buyers and Canadian manufacturers.

Interested participants at the Daizen booth.

My presentation to architects was focused on why and how timber twists, and how we can control it. In my talk, I also compared glulam to kiln-dried timber, both of which I use. I clarified the optimal size and length of both glulam and kiln-dried wood (based on cost-effectivbeness) to use in timber designs for public buildings.

A twisted timber.

A log that has split.

Shear at upper peg connection after timber has shrunk.

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Notes from the Global Buyers Mission

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from Daizen News, 15 Sep 2011

On September 8, Dai talked to architects and engineers at BC Wood’s Global Buyers Mission on wood distortion. He explained the process of how and why timbers twist as well as how to manage and even prevent that twist.

He covered the mechanics of twist (in beam, below) and shear (in pegs, below). Finally, Dai compared the price of kiln-dried timber to that of gluelam, to inform choices for optimal size and length in timber frame design. Of course, he showed plenty of example projects.

The talk went well; by their comments afterwards, the audience seemed to enjoy this vital information.

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