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Fun at the bonsai fundraiser

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from Daizen News,  1 Nov 2011

To help in a new fundraising effort for Japan Tsunami Relief, Daizen joined a bonsai day held in the Japanese Bonsai Garden Art, in Surrey. The event was very successful.

Lots of bonsai lovers got together for intensive demonstrations of the growing art.

The Taiko drum performance (complete with dancing dragon) truly touched and energized the audience.

We prepared six benches and eight blocks to donate, and all of them sold.

In our Daizen gate-building relief effort, we have just three gates left for sale. They are displayed at Japanese Bonsai Garden Art, 16164 24th Ave, Surrey, B.C.

Thanks to all volunteers, and to all of you who came.

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“Help Japan” Bonsai event

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from Daizen News, 15 Sep 2011

We continue to seek out opportunities to bring aid to the people of Japan. Six months after the Fukushima disasters, children are afraid of even puddles of water. Amidst the confusion, efforts persist to move vulnerable communities to higher ground and rebuild the fishing industry.

Help us help them, at a spectacular event in Surrey, Saturday, October 1. It’s a bonsai sale, but it’s also a silent auction, multi-performance, bonsai workshop, ikebana workshop, tea service, and opportunity to see other Japan rescue items like the Daizen Joinery torii gates.

The day’s events include the opening ceremony, a Japanese Lion Dance by Rakuichi, Bonsai workshop, Taiko and Koto drum performances by Sansho-Daiko and Kozue Matsumoto, and sign language performance by Tzu-Chi of Canada. Raffles and silent auctions add to the fun, and our fund-raising gates will be there in the flesh (in the fibre?).

Japan Bonsai Garden is hosting the event; co-sponsors so far include Daizen Joinery, Vancouver Rakuichi, Raku Tei Juku, and San Sho. For more information, see www.japanbonsai.com.

Tak Yamaura demonstrating bonsai.

Come to Japan Bonsai Garden Art, 16164 24th Ave. in Surrey, on October 1. Drink in the art of Japan and help the Japanese people recover.

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