Stain on timber

Even we knew it is best to apply stain in our shop, we kept doing it as minimum because it holds up our main production. This time, timing fits well so we have applied stain in our shop.

Product is Broda Protector is what we used this time. This is the product mixed in Vancouver and water born but not totally water based.

Two coat with clear UV top coat, total three coat total, two days drying time for each coat so total of 6 days required to stain all.

We are giving serious consideration to test and use Boem product which is made in Switzerland and testing is at Forenteck This product has 10 year warranty which I have never seen in stain product.

Advantage on applying stain in our shop is

  • Apply in controlled environment before any other hand put on timber.
  • Apply on 6 side including inside mortise and any joinery.

We are also going to test some fire retardant product from Japan with new stain and get ready for next year line of production.

P1070514 P1070495 P1070507

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