Spotlight on comb finish

From Daizen News October 2012

Wood offers lots of options. One of the most important to homeowners—because it concerns the entire timber surface that you see (and live with) in the finished house—is the finish. If you want a rustic feel to your timber but don’t like fuzzy fibers that catch dust and provide an easy path for spiders, a comb finish may be the answer for you. In most cases, vertical grain is the favored grain look, but in a comb finish, flat grain is also pleasing to look at it.

To achieve a comb finish, we scrub a nylon brush along the grain that digs into, and compresses, the softer fibers. This makes the tight-grained winter growth stand out in relief. Running your hand over it feels good—you get to feel the grain, not just see it.

A comb finish also stands out more when stained.

It’s more work for us, which means a bit more cost, but the result is stunning. Most people who see it (and feel it) really love it.

For more, see our article, “Wood Texture,” on our website’s Downloads page.

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