Richie set up

Kiyo and I just came back from raising Richie frame. Frame went up in three days, weather was not great but had one good day to raised most.

It was good set up, very good client Richie and his son Karsten and contractor Jay who I respect as very hard work timber framer, we all worked very hard to set this up and get done in short period time.

I felt many things during set up, I thought we worked hard without any jokes and just kept working, I was wondering if I was doing all right but I seem do this every time, always concern to spend time, want to get it done quick.

Kiyo is my apprentice he said he was not able to enjoy the set up, not because of hard work, he did not know if he was great help, this was his first frame to set up. We went over many things during drive back and we know what we can do better again next time.

But, what matter is, either we get job done, build good frame and client are happy. We got job done, we believe it is great strong frame and Richie and his family are happy! This is right size of house frame for me, and Jay said it is clean design that I agree. Price was right, we could worked on without interruption and I am happy about result.

  • First day, unload lift with fork lift, build bent on floor without any equipment. Me and Kiyo is not as strong as others, it was a bid hard for us.



  • Day 2, rain, no crane, Jay wanted to raise it without crane but I resist, so half day working.
  • Day 3, crane came! Put all bent up to plate.


P1050128 P1050129

  • Day 4, all purlins and rafters were up left to home around 1:00 PM. Total 167 pcs, 9,000 bdft, so 55 pcs, 3,000 bdft a day for set up.



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