Raising tip: lifting a post straight up

From Daizen News, June 2013

During a raising, lifting the post straight up from the top will help place it accurately and safely. We calculate the weight of the member and place a proper screw that we can hook into the dead-volume center, so the lift is controlled.

The hook used to do this is called a transport ankor, and it’s sold by Würth. We countersink and inset the screws, so that we don’t need to climb up the top of the post after it’s set to take the screw out.

Because we pre-stain our timbers, no damage is allowed. The anchors eliminate the strap that would otherwise go around the member. Also, we protect the corners of the post bottom by enclosing it in a box before the post is lifted. This is a money saving preparation  that we strongly recommend.

We include a gasket around the bottom of each post as part of the building envelope.

A nylon-based plate makes a thermal barrier as well as preventing moisture transfer to the post’s end grain. Then our famous Japanese epoxy anchor system goes in to secure the post to the foundation.



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