Whistler Round to Square house
Whistler round to square
log and timber round to square
log and timber exterior
side entry details
side log and timber
japanese influence natural light panel
japanese influence natual light panel from inside
log and timber interior
fluted log detail
beautiful wood timbers
stairs and natural light
stair detail

Whistler Round to Square Home,

Log and Timber

This collaboration with Nicola Logworks is located in a beautiful setting overlooking Whistler Blackcomb. The home design utilizes an open, free span for heavy snow load, supported with steel I-beams that sit on cut-out timbers. To maintain stability and load distribution, the encasing timbers have no tolerance. Inside this spacious home are distinct log and timber finishes including an obscured light panel that directs natural light to the main staircase.


Flare butt log posts.

Timber-clad steel beams.






Craig Ross



23,000 board feet



#1 Douglas Fir, radio frequency kiln dried