Light house design
Japanese influence light house
Valdes Island light house
Light house timber frame getaway
timbers arriving by barge
timber framing crew
timber framing process
timber frame detail
relaxing weekend on Valdes Island
view from the top

Timber Frame Lighthouse Cabin,

Valdes Island, BC

Traditional Japanese workmanship was integrated into this unique timber frame getaway located in the Southern Gulf Islands of BC. The timber frame design, completed by Daizen design partner Karl Willms, integrated a  three-storey, lighthouse addition into an existing one-room cabin. Daizen utilized slightly angled posts to ensure strength and stability when joinery and finishing were completed. The tower design offered a small building footprint, but with enough added space to accommodate family and visitors.


Traditional Japanese-influenced building techniques with angled corner posts and hand-raising were used at this unique home located on Valdes Island, B.C.






Willms Design Services



1,800 board feet



#1 Douglas fir, air dried