Kohanaiki Clubhouse

Our first involvement in a Hawaii project was with a very high end resort project with tight specifications. This included the timber being specified as clear grade, the 58 trusses that spanned almost 40 feet, and bringing in custom engineering product with grain match cladding. This Hawaiian project also included a treated glue-lam beam that Daizen tested in house for the bonding performance.

Daizen also started blessing the project in production due to the fact the high grade fiber was taken from valuable trees. The entire crew was instructed to handle all material with respect.

Daizen also brought connection details to eliminate steel knife plate connections which was originally designed. This eliminated the bolt heads from plugs. 

All trusses were test fitted and every single member was pre-cut and completely finished in Daizen’s facility. This contributed to smooth raising on site.


One of a kind unique custom engineered beam that set new approach in Hawaii market as a reliable method of construction in heavy timber.




ZAK Architecture


Metzler Contracting Co. LLC


60,000 sqft


Wester Red Cedar/Clear