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Our new timber accent system launches

From Daizen News  1 February 2012

Timber accents are a great way to add value to either a new house or an existing one. But creating the design and specifying details can be tedious and difficult—and, therefore, expensive.

Here’s where Daizen is stepping in.

We have invented a system of design components to adorn the façade of a building that still offers the flexibility to modify them as your project demands. You simply choose accent type (end, bracket, beam, truss), style, size, pitch (if appropriate), and quantity. We do the rest.

Here’s a quick look at our system.

This is the perfect use of your time. The designer, contractor, or building owner can select and order building components with ease. More complex requirements are an indication that

the variety of timber needed has “graduated” to a custom design. In this case, just send us your plans and we’ll develop a custom proposal for accents.

The Daizen Timber Accent System is fresh and new. We’ll be refining it for a while, so please visit our web site frequently to keep informed.

Interested in finding out more?

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