Okinawa trip

I had been talking to indigo die factory for couple month in Okinawa to make T-shirt I designed. When I got to Japan, I checked to see the posibility to visit them. I found the tour trip, two night leave in early morning and come back with last flight so total of three whole day trip, include the hotel and car rent for $400 canadian dollors. If I take only fright, it cost me about $600 for round trip. I am not sure how this is working?

However, it was very nice trip. every minute while I was there, it was very valuable. People are friendly and I was very impressed with their way of keeping own culture on island. One of benefit they have is weather to be warm, that makes big difference in life style. House takes no effort to build compare to Canadian environment and easy life.

Tour included hotel but I did not stay there, I picked back packers to start and second place was falk house on norther island. Un believable place, whole things are un touched and not many people visit this place. It is only one minutes walk to beatiful beach and walking pass is sorrounded by the tree that they plant three hundred years ago to protect from wind. I heard there was one property for sale, I could not believe this kind place is still available to purchase. This is one of the best place to have private house, I don’t think any place I have been in Canada can beat this one.

If anyone plan to come to Japan, I strongly recommend to visit this main island in Okinawa, it only takes three days direct flight from all majour city in mainland Japan.

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