Okinawa nature (Ocean)

People stop swimming for winter, water tempreture are only 15 degree that any Canadian can still swim in winter. It is so beautiful. No industry in Okinawa, only polution is military base which is very big one that US military also Japan self differnce army has base on this island.

There is also world biggest aqualizm tank on this island. I could spend all day in here. So many fun live that we never seen in real action before, the one I liked too much was eel, I would like to pet this in my place. The three eels I was watching, they down in hole and up so smooth and watching us, one start to bother other, this one ignored this for about one minutes then start to fight. They opens mouth so big and mouth rap around the body but it seems just playing, none seems getting heart. This is the direction I recommend to go. There are several aqualium in Japan but seems none in BC.



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