Japan Tsunami Relief

After this sad disaster happen, I got many calls from my friend all worried for our family. All the people I know in Japan is safe but that does not mean good.

It took me about one week to get up do something, now we have many people got together launching the campaign. I made up the campaign so create funds by not asking just donation. Instead, we came up with the product that is great to have in someones house at same time create the significant fund.

Launching effort is all 100% donation, Karl Willms came up with gate design, very quickly and great design as usual, John Boys jumped in cut up timbers with no time, Kevin Mattson entered all gate in CAD model also added one more gate design, now we have first set of gate is assembled and the rest will follow right after today. While this activity is going, Alfred and Kathy from World of Wood are cutting up and donating the timbers for another bunch of sets of gate, 5 cubic of logs were donated and deliver to Alfred by Robin Hood at Likely community forest.  Behind this, Neil at Pulse group came up with logo, Susan Witter is doing text for the web site and Jordan Klassen is preparing the web site to launch, Jim Funk is going to prepare the sign.

Next weekend, April 9th and 10th, many Japanese builder and gardener will be joining from lower mainland as well as local, start to produce the gate, hopefully, we can complete 30 sets of stairs. The volunteer builders are Toshi Oiwa and Kan from Big Rock Log homes, Tom Tongu at Toko Garden design, Kiyo Hagiwara and Eijiro Hara from Daizen, Yuki Ogata, probably much more will come after they here about this activity.

Our first public campaign will be at Kamloops Home Show in April 15-17. We still have some details to set such as price to sell, how to deliver, how to set up, administration and so on but train has been left now it is just matter of steering it right.

Thank you very very much for all contributors, big hugs on behalf of all Japanese people. Web site should be ready soon with all related information for this campaign at  www.myhelpjapan.com Up till then, please contact Dai at [email protected] for any further information.

Gate design by Karl Willms

Gate rendering


First gate assembled (Kevin Mattson design)

Logo by Pulse group


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