Indigo (Aizome)

I visit Okinawas for my T-shirt. I am making hand died T-shirt for my staff. Okinawas has very unique indigo that only hearvest on this island. All T-shirt will be die and dry, about 10 times, all hand work, very expensive! Push the cloth into indigo bucket, and squeeze without letting it touch to air for about three minute, once it lift from buket, it is green but only takes minute to change color to indigo blue.

This indigo is alive, they need to stair the bucket every day and add honey and “Awamori” Okinawa vodka in it. Awamori is only liquor they drinnk and they use it for many application, even as medicine.

Making white back ground was much simpler than I thought. The glue “chemical” just washed out once it drys up. It was very fun trying out. $70.00 a piece, I hope I have enough money left to give out to all my friend.


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