Great volunteers

Saturday 9th, I got to shop around 8:00 am, Kiyo Hagiwara and Eijiro Hara has been preparing this gate production on their own time for while and they were there already started preparing great day of volunteer. Hiroomi Yamaguchi showed up short while, giving hand to unload drink, T-shirts and clean up a bid of mess where bunch of foot prints would going to be made. About 6 sets of gates were already processed with machine, ready for guys to finish up and assembled. Yuki Ogita showed up around 9:00 I started warm up the machine. the day started.

Eijiro and Omi started to map out each gate to four saw horses and Yuki started to chisel the corner of through mortise. Mike Neufeld from Calgary show up around 9:30, found the job himself and jumped on to work until all the gates assembled and took out for group picture. Tamotsu Hongu is gardener in Coquitlam and he shows up with his friend Simon Teixeira, Dominic Steverlynck, Kensuke Yamamoto, Koichi Hirokawa and Hayato Ogawa, Simon and Dominic grabbed palm sander and they committed to sand all the parts of gates the crew would chop and  fine-tuned to be ready assembled. Fight with fine dust, vibrations on hand all day, they did not complain single moment of this undesirable work.

Tamotsu took the work of chamfering the edge of pieces, all day, working on edge, height was not set for his comfort but he did not bother wasting time to set his environment work for him, instead, he just kept working, end of the day at the BBQ, he said to me ” It was very fun!” I know his back is soar.

Rick Hay show up also around same time, he knows how to run our shop also planer, he came to switch position from Kiyo, took over material preparation that feeds our monster CNC machine to fabricate the rest of gates, until our materials runs out.

Toshi Oiwa, KAN Terao, Kohei Kimura and Shuji Yamada stop at Nicola Log Works to pick up additional materials and arrive to my shop 10:30, shortly after Takayuki Nishio joined. Now, all members are arrived and line of skilled builder and gardener were into the work and gave the best of the best to this event. KAN and Shuji took the job to assemble the love and wish gate. they have completed assemble total 5 of those together. Tow mall guys worked quickly and achieved huge in a day.  Toshi looked around and figure out what the spot he could fit to made the production go smooth and assembled two Torri gate later the date.

Lunch arrived at 1:00pm, Takiko Hara and Chie Ogita, both has baby less than  one year old, Kids were on their back swing around, two of them had to prepare the lunch for 18 gangly man, it must been tough. We had no brake till late no chair to offer for crew but great curry lunch full filled our stomach, finally we made a little time to introduce us each other during lunch time.

After lunch, all of us got together and we pray for people Japan in silent and got back to work.

Gate designer Karl Willms showed up to join and talked to each guys. First gate buyer Evelyn Delaney also shows up with treat, Alfred and Kathy from World of wood also stopped to support us.

Production went much faster and productive than I expected, total of 11 gates were assembled and completed and we run out of materials to continue for Sunday.

Sign into logo flag and took the entire gate out for group picture. I really felt each one in this picture are real great parson who does get up and do the things.

I have no doubt about what we are doing is great things and this gates we are making are so valuable piece of evident that all great thought, work and split are implemented.

Thanks to all volunteers, you guys are really great, I hope we get together again and give it another shot.

All pictures of this date are shared in


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