Full structure timber frame

We have been raising one frame per week this year, it’s been very busy summer. One of the frame we build near my house in Chase, this is the addition to existing house connect with walkway structure.

It is full structure with timer. total 200 pcs of structural member to frame 1,200 sqft foot print main house.  Bent style frame which means all the bent is assembled on floor and raised as one unit connect with girt in between. Total of 4 days to complete main frame which is 50 pcs per day to put together, total volume of this main structure is 9,850 bdft so about 2,500 bdft a day for raising.

Material for this project was dead standing D.fir, we searched dry timber and applied kirf on every single member which had heart center in timber. Since this is build in our area, we will monitor this frame very close to see if the kirf is working properly as we are aiming, I believe it will.

P1070279 P1070325

P1070376 P1070468

P1070389 P1070482

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