Fishing yellow fin (Hamachi)

Me and friend spend two days fishing. We aimed yellow fin that only one my frined caught in a past. This is the fish usualy fish from the boat but my frined believed if we run the bait on tide, live bait will swim amoung the tide and it will reach to the spot. He did caught one so we tried.

First, we fish the live bait (Aji) horse mackerel, lots of fisherman comes to this island to fish this. It taste well. Once we cought ten of them, keep it alive in a closed bucket and sunk in a ocean to keep alive. Hook through the norse and through into the tide and let it swim towards the wide open water.

10 hours of same action and we took coffee brake. This was only the brake we took in two days and after we went back from this brake, fish was on a hook already! Shit, lost the strike feeling.  Took back to accomodation and eat them all, it was great taste only cost us $6 including ferry!

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