Fache entrance frame

This is renovation project in Sun Peaks, design by Karl Willms. Building is not too old but style seems a bid old. Almost every house in this Ski resort uses timber in some way, often see full timber frame in this area. Our project was not big so we focused on quality, furniture quality to see if that makes difference in appearance. I presented locking mechanizm with wood joinery that is not used in any aspect, just came up on my head, but I have done similler kind of joinery in a past.

The challenge was to fit in existing roof, but it went easier than I thought. Mibroc guys are always great to work with, support us greately. Our crew Kiyo and Eiji stayed late a couple days to get this done, I was up set up main frame only one day and left the rest of work to crew, too cold!

I have not seen it completed picture yet but our work is done.





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