Daizen university -Sharpening-

This is module 3 of weekend study we offer to our team, previous module was, wood fiber science and joinery engineering. This weekend was for sharpening , we use chisel every day, hand planer also mandatory to fine tune the wood fit, without properly sharpened edge we are not able to achieve the result. Time spend at the room to start with sharpening, logic, sharpening setup and procedure. We need to have medium (#1000-#1500) and finish (#8,000) or natural finishing stone also something to flatten the stone such as wet sand paper on glass, diamond stone etc, introduced method to flatten the face of stone, procedure of sharpening. Next we move down to floor, look the blade edge through microscope, this develop the eyes to see the edge even with bare eyes. Once people understand why stone need to be flat, more to say blade need to be flat on back of blade, went through the each step of sharpening procedure. This is entry level of sharpening but with this 3 hours of course, now the guys will have some decent edge of the chisel that they will see how much difference it made working on wood joinery.

We are planning to have this class again, anyone is welcome to join.

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