D frame in Shuswap lake

Shuswap has been good weather up till we started putting this frame together this summer. Traditional style timber frame, all frame will be covered to protect from the weather and fully exposed inside house. It took almost 8 month by the time we started design the frame to complete set up on site.

I was very pleased with fiber quality and drying result. All tight grain, no loose knot and dried evenly with RF kiln, moisture content between 12% to 14%.

Main feature of this frame is hammer beam truss and beam with corbel and steel integrate in. House is not finished, no picture for the steel yet.

After a lot of study from past hammer beam truss, anyone knows the structural system, they will not say yes to design and build this truss without tension support system in place. Tension rod for this truss were very ordinary which is okay but I would wanted to put a bid more thought and twist the idea a bid but my idea was not supported this time…..

All fits well, some place needed to be adjusted a bid on site but nothing major. I am not 100% clear but I think there were about 400 pieces in this frame and it took 8 full days to complete assemble.

Another one good frame up on earth!




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