Curved wood, walking men, kitchens

Daizen’s new portfolio

After much focused inspiration, Daizen announces the birth of its new portfolio, both online and in print.  Seventy-six pages (full of enticing illustrations and stories) cover most of Daizen’s projects. Here’s a glimpse.

A unique innovation: custom designed iron fasteners. We fitted structural iron plates onto the timbers with exquisite care and precision.

This detail shows three-piece fasteners secured with metal wedges, as for a wedged wooden mortise and tenon. These iron fasteners represent the client’s two ranch brands. This one is the walking man.





Here you see inlays of the dry fit for the walking man plate. For the finish, the final plates were heated and powder coated.




A series of knee braces are bound in the ranch’s second brand—a cat’s eye—worked in iron.

Download the color portfolio. And visit the Daizen website for  more information.

From the Daizen Newsletter, 1 Sep 2011

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