Contemporary timber frame

This is Karl Willms design timber frame. Build with high grade select structural D.Fir, tight grain and kiln with RF technology. Frame is build in very steeped site, footing were poured on 20 some different height level, must been very tough even moving materials around this site.

When we arrived, floor was all done and ready, thanks for all hard work for the contractor.

We already installed deck frame in advance and this main frame took 2 days to put together. Lots of help and all good help, very fun also satisfied project.

I was very pleased myself for the result and client and contractor are also very pleased, so it is the best project of the year for us.

Frame design are simple though, it had some challenge on joinery design to maintain the strength also make the assemble procedure possible. Even I had study of this procedure in advance well, it still took a bid of modification of the joinery at the raising site. Glass will be fit in between timber so groove for inserting glass stops are in place. I will follow this detail as installation makes progress. Stan is pre applied in our shop just incase if the weather turned into very cold so crew can not access to the site it means it will leave it open till next Spring but I think they will be able to put roof before that happens.

I had my crew Eiji with me on this assemble and he is the one looks after some finishing touch in our shop so this was great experience for him to spend time together with us to tune up his work at the production. I am sure he will make great progress on next frame.

Thanks for Terry Hall who is timber frame manager for the project, designer Karl and Kyle Willms, contractor James and Andrew Boak and Mike Besanger who is the owner of the project!

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