Connection test at engineer work shop organize by Canadian Wood Council and Wood Works BC.

Dec 2010, Daizen Joinery and Nicola Log Works demonstrated the connection test at engineer work shop.

We tested about 10 different connections, mortise and tenon, SFS WT screw, epoxy anchor, T-bolt, Sherpa, GRK screws and so on.

Mortise and tenon, it failed at beam side, it sheared off. Peg holes were 2 inch from the face, this was a bid surprise for me, I assumed it will brake the tip of tenon. Need to test more.

SFS WT screw were definitely functioning well, money saving screws. Method of test was, we braked half lap first, this braked at 4,000 lbs. Then we placed two SFS WT screw at the shear location and tested again. Test was stopped at 10,000 lbs, it did not failed, instead other side of connection failed. One screw, least add 3,000 lbs strength in connection.

Epoxy anchor, concrete epoxy fail too quick, but cold cure epoxy were so strong, it brake the weld that holding the wide web and test stopped at 12,000 lbs.

I have uploaded Sherpa test video on youtube

Tons of information from this test but not enough time to organized to share, please contact me at [email protected] for any further test result.


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