Chase bandshell in provincial TV commercial

I heard about Chase bandshell I designed last year and build this spring, was on commercial from three people, so I was watching TV to find out. Yes, there was! So I searched web to see if I can see more, then I found one very easy.

It is the project that BC is promoting, they call “Spirit Square” seems like trying to build people to get together and fun funded by provincial government. It was my mistake and my stupidity that had no press release or even job site sign on this project. Many people I meet they talk about this building without knowing that I actualy design the building and build this one.

But, today, I got call from Victoria office about bandshell for Victoria. They asked me if I can send picture. I hope they will ask me more than just picture!

Click picture to check the film, there will be more opportunity for other local people to build theirs!


Sprit square film

TV commercial

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