A look at timber connections

From Daizen News, 1 January 2012

In the Whistler round-to-square home, we saw some timber and heavy steel together. Now, let’s talk about joining timber to concrete. When frame posts have concrete bases–not uncommon–there must be a way to connect the timber to the concrete. Key factors are stability: prevention of horizontal movement, vertical

movement, and pivot; uplift; gravity; and moment. Further, since concrete retains moisture, a vapor barrier is needed between the two materials.

Daizen focuses on three methods: epoxy to epoxy, epoxy to mechanical, and steel plate.

As part of our epoxy testing, we compared four epoxy samples, two with a ¾-in. ready rod into timber of 6- and 12-in. sides and then two with a 1-in. ready rod into timber of 6- and 12-in. sides.

We’re summarizing our ideas about connections–an issue right at the heart of timber framing–through a series of articles: the Timber Connection Series. The first, Post to Concrete, is now available as a download

from the daizen.com website.

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