A chance to learn from B. Allan Mackie

B. Allan Mackie founded a legendary log-building school—the first in the world, the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building—in 1971, in Prince George, BC. He was almost 50 years old at that time.  Dai was an instructor and then a host of this school for 15 years; he has been the only director of the school other than Allan Mackie.

Allan just celebrated his 87th birthday on October 16th, and plans are in the works for a school “family reunion” in Japan.

Unfortunately, the school is no longer offering courses. For the last five years, Allan and Dai have focused on creating a nine-unit DVD training series, following B. Allan Mackie’s pioneering building philosophy, for those who want to build their own log homes. These are now available online (www.loghomedvd.com). The first 60-minute unit, introducing log building, is a free download.

From Daizen News November 2012

At this time, Allan is planning to attend the International Log Builders’ Association’s annual general meeting in Prescott, Arizona.

If you have an interest in log building, you will thoroughly enjoy this look at Mackie’s work, which has graced Canada and countries all over the world.

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