Rick Bhullar

Material Controler

I was born and raised in Kamloops, after high school, I moved to Calgary and worked in construction for over a decade. Just over five years ago, tired of the big city, I came back to Kamloops to raise my family.  I have two daughters, my oldest is 7 years and my youngest is 1.5 years old.  I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, camping, sledding, biking, etc… and, I love to teach and share this lifestyle with my girls.

Shortly after moving back I started at Daizen working in the yard.  Five years later I have advanced in the company managing the materials.  Daizen is a great company that has allowed me to expand and grow.  I really enjoy the family atmosphere and solid teamwork we have built.

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At Daizen, we ensure client expectations and understanding of processes are met through all phases of our work, from structural design and engineering to fabrication of timber frames and assembly and installation.