Jens Mavius

CNC Operator

At the age of 20 years, I started my career as a CNC technologist in Germany.

Since about 15 years I work on several Hundegger CNC machines that became a passion of mine. I always wanted to go to beautiful Canada so when I got the opportunity to join the Daizen team in 2015 I left Germany and moved to Kamloops. Here at Daizen, the stakes are pretty high, and every day is giving me the new challenge I’m looking for.

I enjoy my life here in Canada and the work with an amazing multi-cultural team here at Daizen Joinery.

In his time off from work, Jens enjoys riding his big motorbike to explore the beautiful Canadian landscape.

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At Daizen, we ensure client expectations and understanding of processes are met through all phases of our work, from structural design and engineering to fabrication of timber frames and assembly and installation.