Timber frames work well with a variety of home design styles. At Daizen, we have extensive experience in all aspects of timber frame building.


Clean simple lines and a minimalist approach characterize timber frame design within the modern style. We have completed several projects in the past several years with a contemporary design, which fit seamlessly within the natural landscapes that surround them.

photo of classic style

Classic Arts and Crafts

Timber frame building in the classic Arts and Crafts style involves focus on heritage design and quality of wood material. These are strong, well built homes that stand the test of time and fit well within rural and urban settings.

photo of rustic style


Rustic timber frames are popular for those who love patina wood, which often leads us to using recycled timbers in projects. Daizen has developed a finishing technique using new wood that has the look and feel of recycled wood. This antique finish provides a true rustic design and more versatile engineering.

photo of a remote cabin


Timber frames for remote or cabin locations require attention, not only on materials and design, but also on​ pre-fabricated systems such as SIP panels, and on logistics and location. ​We’ve built many “off-grid” and/or remote cabins where our expertise and precision in the Daizen shop help streamline construction processes on site reducing workload and creating less waste. We’re mindful of different types of material and weight, as well as access to the site, which also help contribute to a successful end.

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