At Daizen, we use premium wood materials from British Columbia including high grade Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar sourced only in BC forests, as well as high quality Douglas Fir.

We understand the importance of decisions around material selection and quality. We work with clients, individually, and recommend the most suitable materials and finishes for each project.

As every tree is distinct, so too are the timbers we work with. We have the experience to make the best use of timbers and recognize unique qualities in all our materials.

Wood Species

Douglas Fir

  • The most popular material for timber framing, Douglas Fir has the highest strength rating among the three species.
  • When timbers are protected from moisture and insects properly, the material can last for more than 300 years.
  • Douglas Fir is a sustainable-resource wood due to successful logging and harvesting practices BC.

Western Red Cedar (WRC)

  • Western Red Cedar is not commonly used in structural processes.
  • Known for its distinct colour, fine fibre and vertical grain, WRC is a beautiful wood species that is popular worldwide.
  • Commonly used for finishing material such as wall and ceiling panels.
  • Used in heavy timber in tropical locations such as Hawaii.
  • Naturally insect resistant and weather resistant.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar is used in structural framing and is rated for strength between Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.
  • Commonly used material for temple building in Japan.
  • Colour is uniform with no noticeable wood grain patterns.
  • Naturally insect resistant and weather resistant.

Engineered Wood

  • Engineered wood beams, known as glulam beams (GLB), are also commonly used as structural members to span large rooms and accommodate heavy load.
  • Some projects use GLB as a design aspect. We have also added texture to the GLB to increase the appearance of solid wood.
  • Daizen works with Douglas Fir GLB products manufactured locally, and imports Spruce GLB from Germany.

Kiln Drying (KD)

  • There is no option for us to build with green wood. We use only dry timber.
  • Project timelines require us to kiln-dry wood.
  • We work with a vacuum kiln system, which utilizes the most advanced technology and offers a gentle heat source so as not to damage the wood fibre.

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