Wood finishing processes are completed in the shop using techniques to create a variety of results – from contemporary smooth finishes to more rustic, “recycled” looks.

texture of wood


We offer customers a variety of finishes and make recommendations based on the grade of timber used in projects, fibre orientation and wood texture. We use quality materials and position timbers to promote the life of the wood. We work with our clients to find their preferred timber materials and finishes depending on the project and their desired vision.  Learn more our wood texture finishes and staining processes by clicking on the PDF resources below.

staining timber


Wood colour and orientation affect the finished colour. End-grain surfaces, where the stain penetrates more into the fibre, are darker, where as flat grain timber has a lighter colour. Surface texture also affects the end colour. Rough surfaces hold more stain and are darker than smooth surfaces. At Daizen, we work within a dust-free and heat controlled environment to ensure the end product has a quality finish that lasts. Learn more about our staining processes and our large selection of custom stains by clicking the pdf link.

Daizen Timber Frame Stains
timber components


We start by applying a base coat of lignin protection, which is the most reliable wood protection we have found in the industry, today. We then achieve the desired finish through a combination of machine and hand-crafted methods, along with the application of custom stain.

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