Daizen Joinery, planning

At Daizen, we offer clients in-house services – from structural design to fabrication of timber frames and elements, to assembly and installation. We believe the success of timber frame design and construction requires the experience of a team with individualized skills along with defined processes to achieve optimal results.

We also work with trusted professional partners in the timber frame industry outside our company in areas of architecture and design, engineering and contracting.

We pair our extensive industry knowledge with our company’s precision manufacturing systems to guarantee our work will be efficient and accurate. When there are details that our equipment cannot accommodate such as artistic work or special joinery, we employ the handcraft skills of our experienced staff.

We understand all aspects of the materials we work with and take those aspects into account when making recommendations for individual projects. Additionally, through our many years of experience, we have perfected our processes to ensure consistent quality in our work. Learn more.

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