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Table design

  |   Design, Work experience

I designed table that can tighten the table top after the wood shrink.

Also legs to be attach with screw mechanism that can stand solid on un even floor.



Small insert table can connect two table to be 10 seater and use table as display board while it is not in use.




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Drill long hole accurately

  |   Work experience

How will you drill end to end of timber 6 feet long? I had project that 1″ rod needed to go through the beam to install tension rod for hammer beam truss. I had to drill 18 beams, so what will be the efficient way? Some one said, I can do that free hand, I believe he can but I can’t.

So, I bought simple lineal guide from 80/80, took genius drill guide from my muffele drill stand, and put the long drill guilde together. It worked okay, not perfect for all the piece. If I do this again, I will make long drill bid first.


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