Drift wood deck

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Willms family and me were at Valdes island last long weekend. This time, Kyle and I build intermediate deck between water edge to cabin. Idea is using available material which is drift wood.

Main member of this structure is post and double tie beam and floor joist beam on top. First, we went out and hunt some materials. Find that the size and shape are desirable. Drift wood is heavy because it wet and rocks are sloped and slippery so it is a bid hard work to gather all materials to the spot.

Drilling to rock was very easy. We cut up re-bar and epoxied into rock and wood. Structure are in rotation mode from the bottom of the post, post is in compression and fitting it in perpendicularity is the key so no shear strength applied to the pin. Beam connection to the rock is where the most force is getting and it is tension force. So made the pin location as far as it could from the end of the beam.

No tape measure or scribe, all cut by feeling and leveled by eye. Front face floor joist beam were placed with curved beam which makes three post angle in round shape as well. Find the most flat face and place up, other beams were straight but place the but and top of the logs to make the face of three logs to be as even as possible.  Front beam had a few high spot, middle beam were slightly higher than front and back so used straight board to guide all the way to shave the middle beam to achieve the flat. It worked out well.

We did not had enough decking materials so it is just placed on top so we could sit down and had beer!


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Challenge is what makes people different

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Made visit to job site to survey the height where the post sits and lay out the angled deck.

Site is even hard to walk and stand, this challenged foundation is done by young builder James Boak. I can see the road he is going to take now and he will become extreme good builder one day that only can be achieved by going through the challenge after the challenge.

Now it is my turn to make the frame, with my best and meet with his young passion to build the best!


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Kirl Willms sketch!

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The picture was given by Designer Karl Willms. He described the three days of assemble on island and put all guys working on the cabin in a picture. He won over twenty award in just last year. He can sketch and paint very well and same talent goes into building space design. He still draw plan on table, use tracing paper for all his ideas. We do not want to lose this kind of ability by using computer too much.


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Jay Mckimm

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Jay is free timber framer, his trade name is Blue Water Timber Framing. I got him helped us raising one complex frame and I was very impressed. I am in this business 20 years and I have set up buildings so many. With him, I found that raising are going much faster than my usual pace is. He is so efficient, think a two steps ahead, he is in good shape, he goes up and down so fast and does not afraid of height. I can strongly recommend him for any assemble and I will not hesitate to ask high pay for him, it will be great addition for raising team any time any circumstance.



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John and Ingrid Boys

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John is my most important business partner that I can share my issue also satisfaction with. He is intelligent and reliable parson. I have been learning a lot from him especially how to look at the things, reality and fairness. Between me and John, our brain storming will bring up un expected result. Ingrid welcomes me and my family all the time, she shows me the joy of life, teach me fun of life. They become more than just part of business, they will remain in my heart does not matter what is going to happen to me. I thank that I met them,and also became the part of their life.


Nicola Logworks

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