Small fun timber frame (window added)

  |   Design

This frame is made out of three same unit so it can move later. Due to moving, I made it to 12×12 in size. To maximize the floor space, we made bunk bed and good storage space at the 6 feet and 7 feet high. Also making window with nook to utilize space. Window was purchased from Wayne Morstad at Colbe window 250-215-3292. I asked if he has any left over window and they did have one cancellation of the windows that I could use 90% of what they had. Very helpful and knowledgeable parson, I will recommend any one to contact him for any windows also folding windows.

P1060550 P1060549

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Small fun timber frame

  |   Design

This is my new try out timber frame, I am hoping to complete by my daughters birthday.

The concept of this unit is that it will be part of our new home when we are ready. So 3 12×12 separate unit is connected with through bolt only. All joinery is made so we can lift the unit.

Ceiling beam was new system, it seems very strong.




Floor and ceiling with 3″ styro form.



To utilize the floor space, I made ceiling height to 10′, making bunk bed at 6′, connection whole way for kids to craw in at 7′ height with 1″ plywood.

P1060423 P1060422

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Timber window!

  |   Design

Glass into the timber. This is one of the detail I wanted to finalized for while.  Now we have made sample. Yes, we made mistake. Now we know what to watch for it.

We got one real project to put entire wall with glass into timber. Our next move is to integrate the opening mechanism in.

P1060440 P1060444 P1060456

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Light looks very original but cheap!

  |   Design, Work experience

This is the light that we bought from IKEA and made into kind of sign where people enter to the restaurant. Light is very cheap only 40 dollars and rock are from my house. Made logo in Illustrator and traced well because the light behind. Waxed paper were not easy to penetrate the ink but it gave the effect that made more interesting. I definitely will do this again.


My daughter Mizuki always admire my work, she gave me such a good time in my life. Kiyo is new crew that reach his hand to where I need, thanks Kiyo!

P1030010 P1020996 P1020980

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Table design

  |   Design, Work experience

I designed table that can tighten the table top after the wood shrink.

Also legs to be attach with screw mechanism that can stand solid on un even floor.



Small insert table can connect two table to be 10 seater and use table as display board while it is not in use.




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Our mission (Shin.Gi.Zai)

  |   Design

Shin also pronounce as “Kokoro” It describe heart, mind, ideas that comes out from sprits. But it also gives image of honesty, sincerity by looking at character. I am taking this as design in our activity.

Gi also pronounce as “Waza” It is skill that achieved from long continuous discipline, that experts from normal skills. This is part we are taking and I have to admit I still have long way to go.

Zai means material. This one character also combine from two character which is “Tree” on left side and “Talent”  on right size. I should take tree is excellent versatile materials.

I have been separating Design, Craftsmanship and material to be separate factors so we can focus to target higher achievement as we move on. This concept that I had for while came together more definite by writing in three character in Japanese.

Especially, material is important. We are cutting tree, finishing their life. If we do not make good use of this, we might just live in plastic house. Now, our mission is to design with the heart, train ourselves so we do give another good life to trees.

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