Daizen Process

The Daizen Process

Project Meeting & Plan


Our team leaders discuss the project vision with clients so expectations are identified and specific needs are addressed, which then go into a project plan.

Material Preparations

Timber is inspected for quality assurance and is then prepared to meet specific requirements for each custom home plan.

Timber Sizing

Our CNC planer is a precision tool that cuts all four sides of each timber at the same time resulting in an accurately squared product.

CNC Processing

Daizen utilizes its CNC machine for most of the timber preparation process to ensure accuracy and productivity.

Quality Check & Detail

Every piece of timber that goes through the CNC fabrication process is carefully inspected. Further refining of each piece is then addressed through hand detailing.

Fine Craft

Daizen sets itself apart through its experience and skill in hand cutting and shaping that a CNC machine cannot necessarily achieve. Our work is truly customized, project-to-project.


Texturizing timbers is a foundation of Daizen’s finishing process. We use various approaches when texturing to create custom wood finishes.

Bending Timber

We have refined a special timber bending process, which allows for further customization in certain projects. This process is completed in a designated, dust free building on our property.


All sides of the timber are finished within a designated, dust-free building to ensure the product has no excess debris on it.

Dry Fit

All critical components (trusses, complex joints) for each project are developed and dry-fit tested in our shop to ensure ease of installation on site.

Steps 8 and 9 – Bending and Finishing processes, happen in our separate, designated building.

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