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Timber Frame Innovation

Daizen’s fabrication processes have been refined over more than two decades working in the timber frame and joinery industries. Templates and jigs, custom-made tools and state of the art equipment such as Daizen’s CNC machine and station tools all contribute to the company’s innovation of techniques and overall quality.

Specifically, Daizen has developed and integrated innovative solutions into our business to provide:

  • Structural curves in timber through a custom-built wood press.
  • Specialty custom made tools such as a flexible square, plug cutter and drilling jigs.
  • Custom timber finishes through texturizing techniques and staining.
  • Advanced timber frame fasteners and accessories.

Timber Frame Engineering

We welcome opportunities to include innovative timber frame engineering options into our projects. Our knowledge of wood fibre, and our experience in wood shaping and fastening solutions ensure building integrity and smooth project installation. We are focused on research and developing options that are creative and provide flexibility in our building processes.

Grain Matched Curved Timber

Daizen has refined its processes over the past several years working with architects and home designers who incorporate curved timbers into truss and entryway designs. Today, Daizen’s “grain matched” curved beams are a sought-after solution for those wishing to have a solid wood appearance on the curved timbers that match other wood elements used within the homes. Utilizing its custom “curved” wood press and a glue lamination system, Daizen is able to incorporate the curved beams, seamlessly, without need to cut sections of wood in order to create a curved appearance.

structural cladding

Structural Timber Cladding

Structural integrity is paramount to our work and there are times when timber frames require reinforced strength through steel or engineered wood. In these circumstances, Daizen has developed a timber-clad system that integrates and covers other materials to a standard that makes it difficult for even professional engineers and home designers to tell the difference. Daizen pays particular attention to the fibre orientation to ensure a consistent appearance in wood characteristics and texture

CNC programming

CNC Advantage

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) technology has become fundamental to the timber frame industry. At Daizen, we use CNC technology and CAD programming to ensure precision cuts, which help save time, eliminate wood waste and ensure quality control and safety. In general, our CNC is 30 times faster when compared to a hand cut operation and every cut is consistently accurate. Our CNC technology is employed during all our heavy cutting work, while our handcraft specialists undertake all fine, finishing details.

handcrafted work

Handcrafted Advantage

Daizen began in 1990 as handcraft log building company and, while we have evolved over more than two decades, we recognize the value handcraft expertise brings to our work. Daizen’s wood working skills are taught through leadership gained in Japan where it takes at least a decade to master and maintain the craft. Handcraft brings versatility to our finished products that CNC technology, alone, cannot deliver, which sets us apart from our industry competitors. Daizen Joinery

timber quality control

Quality Guarantee

Our company values revolve around being locally focused in sourcing materials, undertaking production processes, and remaining competitive while offering quality and innovation to our clients. At every step, we have a team of experts who work with you and your team of professionals (architects, designers, contractors), to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship is guaranteed in your timber frame project.

The green dots applied to wood beams in the shop indicate materials that have been thoroughly inspected and approved for finishing work.

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