Eijiro Hara

Eijiro Hara

Eijiro Hara

Timber Frame Team Leader

Joined Daizen in 2008

Eijiro Hara’s role as a Daizen team leader is defined by his own success as a timber framer. Ejiro oversees the detailed work that goes into all aspects of the framing process and he is responsible for the critical checks that ensure high quality control standards.

Eijiro works with timber efficiently each day and often impresses clients and colleagues with his skill and precision. Eijiro graduated from Tajima University of Technology in Japan with a degree in building technology. He then apprenticed under a master carpenter for eight years before moving to Canada and starting at Daizen.

He believes not everything in life is perfect, but in his job he can make everything very close to perfect.

Why Daizen?

“I really enjoy getting the joinery perfect. The work we do here is very high quality.

I’m happy if the client is happy.”